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Concretely specializes in providing quality services for a range of projects from small repairs to major renovations. Get ready to transform your homes, businesses or investment properties from drab to fab whether you need simple concrete repairs or a complex installation we offer customizable solutions to meet your every need. We proudly serve Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey and are committed to providing the best possible customer service. With our top-notch workmanship, competitive prices, and quick turnaround, Concretely is the perfect choice for all of your concrete home renovation and repair needs.


This arm of the family business has been in existence for over a decade. It was born out of the owner’s 30+ years of experience at a construction company where he worked as a heavy equipment operator building and repairing transportation infrastructures, city playgrounds, and highway platforms amongst other things. In order to provide continued support to his family during the company’s downtime he often worked for himself doing home renovations and repairs. As people began to notice the beauty of his work he began to get more and more calls so much so that he continued to grow the business outside of his normal daytime construction gig.


Concretely HOLDS itself in high regard for providing exceptional work in the home renovation and repair space. We create, repurpose and or repair areas such as patios, walkways, stairs, driveways,  porches and more with concrete. If you have a business, investment property or private home that needs some TLC please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. Inquiries are always welcome. We are CONCRETE in our planning, design and execution so give us a call today!

Dr. Michael M.

Philadelphia, PA

“I had a problem with people parking on the sidewalk in front of my practice. I called Concretely and they not only repaired the cracked sidewalk but also inserted poles so that no one could ever park there again. Maurice even stayed behind himself to ensure that people wouldn’t walk on the concrete as it dried. This was beyond what we could have asked. I was pleased with his work and will definitely be calling on him again to take care of some other projects."
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